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5m, 8, xct, a, s4, x, 53, s, 2t, a, Relawan – Sahabat Generasi




1. Winarti Halim

Winarti Halim, S.E., M.A.


Divisi Training dan Materi


Jevi Arlan, C.Ht

2. Intan P

Intan Prihantini







Marina Deliani, S.Sos.

Widiana Satwika

Nenny Malisyah Herti









Divisi Humas dan Media

Hilda Safitri, S.H, SpN

9. Sri Mulyana

Sri Mulyana

13. Sri Widayati

Sri Widayanti








Anggun Tantri WInata




Divisi Charity &

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3. Ajeng P

Ajeng Prahastuty N, S.Hum

5. Titik TK

Titik Tri Kurniyanti, S.ST., Ak.









Divisi Ekspedisi

Sitti Hadjir


Dotty M. Tiurlan


Sulis Sri Purnama, SE







Office Manager


7.Widyatmi Safitri

Widyatmi Safitri