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Our letter doesn’t constitute a diagnosis. ESA letter would be the letter from the accredited wellness expert that has been in control of your emotional or mental disorder

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therapy. An ESA letter for housing does not need to be within a particular timeframe.

Letter is going to be emailed in a PDF file with regular processing. Your ESA letter is going to be respected by airlines, landlords, and so on, but only as long as it’s supported through an actual, state-licensed doctor. There are 3 different kinds of letters for ESA dogs that are all for different purposes and each of them must be issued by a mental health professional.

Nama Sekolah/Organisasi (harus diisi)

Nama Pendaftar (harus diisi)

Email Pendaftar(harus diisi)

Nomor Telepon/HP Pendaftar (harus diisi)

Jumlah Peserta yang Akan Disuluh


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